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Welcome to Midway Collision Center Inc.

"In the first act of labor, the blueprinter conceives what is to be, he envisions and maps out the detail of what is to be done on the vehicle with colored watermarkers, communicating the the plan of work which he entrusts to a band of hand picked experienced workers that all specilaize in specific phases of repair, everyone shares a passion for the art of rebuilding a vehicle. Performing a rebuilding of a vehicle takes the skill of a superior mind, the talent of skilled hands and perfection is accomplished with the enthralling work of a team fired by a common enthusiasm and passion. There follows the construction which efficiently is performed in record time assisted with only the finest, most modern equipment available.

To exceed any owners expectations and in order to deliver a truly phenomenal experience to the vehicle owner they must be continually updated on the status of the repair, the computers of the vehicle must be scanned pre-repair and post-repair to insure no codes have been set, calibrations performed as needed and regardless of the extent of the repair the frame must always be measured using 3D computerized cameras and OEM measurements to ensure a factory exact frame. A true love of vehicles is what flames the passion that has lead to our processes much like a factory assembly line to ensure nothing less than the best, and that is our passion." - Bob Demers, Owner

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Bob Demers
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What Our Clients Say

  • Had the best experience at Midway, top notch service all around. Communication and updates were clear and consistent from Bob throughout the entire process. I will recommend them to anybody who will l...
    Sarah B.
    Midway was an excellent choice for my collision repair. They definitely went the extra mile. Not only did they do an excellent job fixing the big dent on my Subaru, they cleaned, polished the exterior and interior and they even gave me a nice Midway winter hat. Their communication was top notch with updates almost daily and a friendly staff that ushered me through the process. 5 stars!

    Joshua L.
  • Very responsive collision center. Working with Bob so far has been a pleasure. He keeps me updated on my repair.
    Amy J.
    Nothing bad to say, they did an awesome job on my car. They went above and beyond with my insurance company who wanted to be difficult at times
    Darlene W.

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